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Tools & Guides

Sustainability Tool for School-based Teams
SCAN Principles of Student-Centered Formative Assessment

Driver diagram & aim statement that have guided SCAN's work

Contract with Myself (for PDSA cycles)

Data debrief discussion form

SCAN 1-pager and recruitment flyer

High-Leverage Change Ideas 
Here, summaries of 11 change ideas that were implemented and studied by SCAN teachers across multiple PDSA cycles, had the best-developed measurement, and showed some promising results vis-à-vis student engagement, agency, and/or learning outcomes.  We presume that other promising ideas not included in this initial set will be added in the future!
Correcting Highlighted Errors
Categorizing Mistakes With Highlighting
Short-Answer Questions: Highlighting for Success
Destressing Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Questions
Google Quiz Practice
Student Quizlet Creation
Unit Growth Self-Assessments
Reflecting on Work Habits
Student Agendas
Developing Agency for Long-Term Project Completion
Writing Into the Day and Finding our Writing Identities

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